Invested in our future

Respecting our past

Jaden Hollingshead is bringing a fresh approach to Gravenhurst.

As a young entrepreneur who was born and raised in Muskoka, Jaden Hollingshead knows the importance of keeping Gravenhurst unique while also looking at ways we can grow sustainably for our future.


Connected Cores

The Wharf and historic downtown Gravenhurst should be working together to create a seamless experience for our guests and residents alike. If elected I will look to connect these vital cores through:

-Improved signage with estimated walking times

-a beautification of the areas between (including walking/biking trails) , and

-shuttle transportation during key events. (And better promotion for existing shuttles)

Empowering Passion

Any big project or idea requires as much support as possible, our town is no different. On council I will provide a pathway for others to help where they are most passionate by:

-Providing clear communication and follow-ups to anyone who contacts me, regardless of if the answer is popular.

-leading by example at community events, and

-advocating for how young people can be more involved.

A Better Commute for All

One of the biggest complaints you will hear around Gravenhurst is about the roads. If Elected I will focus on commutes at the town and district level by:

-Advocating for more budget focus on road maintenance

-keeping our active transportation plan top of mind when discussing future improvements, and

-laying out the groundwork for public transit just like our neighbouring towns.

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Jaden Hollingshead is a 23 year old entrepreneur born and raised in Muskoka. He helps other small businesses with marketing and public relations and is currently a board member on the Gravenhurst Chamber of Commerce.

Jaden is passionate about helping small businesses, encouraging other young people to get involved, and building a community that encourages active transportation for environmental and health purposes.

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– Donations cannot exceed $1,200 total

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